Q. Why is the MLS so important?


A. A recent National Association of Realtors survey showed that 77 percent of home buyers use the internet to look for a home. By listing your home on the Multiple Listing Service, it will be available on Realtor.com and hundreds of other real estate websites. The MLS is the key to maximizing your home's exposure. Only licensed real estate agents are authorized to list your home on the MLS, and most will charge you 6% of your home's price to do so. Q. How long is the listing period and will my listing appear differently than other listings in the MLS? A. Until it sells, you may cancel at anytime and no, the listing will look just like any other listing in the MLS


Q. Why do I need to cooperate with Buyer’s Agents?


A. A majority of buyers will be working with real estate agents who need to be compensated for bringing a qualified buyer to your home. The typical payout for agents in the area is between 2.4% and 3% of the final sales price. Although commissions are not fixed by law, these are typical for the industry to attract agents to your home. Any commissions would be paid at closing or settlement of the sale.

Keep in mind that if you accept an offer from a buyer without an agent no commissions are paid at all! However, it is important to encourage agents to view your home since an overwhelming majority of all resale homes are found through buyer’s agents.


Q. Can I really handle all the paperwork involved in selling my home?


A. While many people find selling by owner an overwhelming and even frustrating experience, if you have the time and energy to learn about the process and negotiate offers, selling your home by owner can be rewarding. If you would like, we can also represent you completely, still at a low rate of 1.5% (plus buyer agents fee)


Q. How soon and for how long can my home be listed?


A. We will list your home until it sells. Once we coordinate a time to meet, your home will be listed within 48 hours. Our agent can email the listing agreement and property information sheet in advance so you can go review it on your own time and think of any further questions you may have.


Q. I think I'm ready to list with A Wicker Realty. What now?


A. Fill out the Order Now page and an agent who has experience in your area will contact you soon.


Q. What do I need to do before an offer is made?


A. Complete the NC Property Disclosure Statement (one page) and provide it to serious buyers; this can be left in the home if you are away. Prepare for and allow showings (Scheduled through CSS via buyer’s agent so you don't have to be home). Offer to purchase form and any addendums are completed by the buyer or buyer’s agent and submitted to you for your review.


Q. What happens when an offer is submitted?


A. Review the price and terms of the offer. If it's acceptable, sign it and return to the buyer or buyer’s agent. If you feel the offer is not satisfactory you may reject the offer and counteroffer: simply cross out what you would like to change, initial and date next to it, and return it to the buyer or buyer’s agent (this constitutes a "new" offer). If they agree to the new terms, they will sign it and give you a copy of the final contract. Keep in mind that your counteroffer voids the original; if a buyer rejects your counteroffer, there is nothing left on the table.


Q. What are contingencies?


A. Every offer contains contingencies which will need to be resolved before closing. For example, the home may need to pass inspections like termites, home inspection, or radon gas. Other contingencies may include loan approval for the buyer, the house appraising for the contract price, or the buyers current home selling first. Repairs or buyer compensation are negotiable until both parties are satisfied. Remember, most things are negotiable, so talk it out and put it in writing!


Q. What happens after an offer is accepted?


A. Cooperate with buyer or buyer’s agent as they schedule and pay for home or other inspections. While most buyers are already pre-qualified prior to seeing your home, the contract may be contingent on loan approval. Closing/settlement at attorney’s office is also scheduled and paid for by the buyer or buyer’s agent; you do not have to be present if you establish a Power of Attorney. You will be amazed at how much money you can save by completing the transaction on your own. However, if you do not feel like dealing with the responsibility of negotiating, scheduling inspections, or handling the paperwork until closing, we will be happy to handle everything for you for a low rate of 1.5% (plus buyer agents fee) You will still be saving a significant amount of money, depending on the value of your home, compared to traditional commission-based companies.


Q. What's included for the $425 flat fee?


A. A Wicker Realty will: list your property on the MLS, list your property on Realtor.com, provide a professional yard sign, provide a lock box, provide access to the MLS appointment call center, provide digital photos of your home.


Q. What if I'm not comfortable handling the paperwork and negotiations required in a real estate transaction?


A. A Wicker Realty offers a full service listing solution that is commission based.


Q. I'm ready to list, what is the process?


A. Contact one of our agents by completing the contact us section or calling the office. (919.361.3064) We will schedule a meeting time to complete the listing forms and all required paperwork.